Jen Mallinson has a reputation for creating three dimensional works that convey a sensitive aesthetic and abstract vision. Her fluid forms and expressive manipulation challenge the intrinsic solid nature of her chosen medium, Australian weathering steel (Corten) and stainless steel. Each piece is unique and made by hand in her studio on the far south coast of NSW.

Often inspiration is drawn from the natural environment that surrounds her, an exploration of the macrocosm and the microcosm of place.
Her investigation of the patterns created through wind and water, is a recurring theme in her work. With integrated shadow forms, Jen explores the relationship between positive and negative space as a metaphor for existence. The works often connect with the viewer on a deep visceral level as well as being visually beautiful.

With a passion for steel - organic form, surface treatment and attention to detail, Jen has developed highly refined skills in creating organic sculptural forms over the past decade.

With a background in graphic design, having worked on projects for the Sydney Opera House, Westpac Bank and Leighton, to name a few, Jen followed her dream and moved to the far south coast and has been working as a full time artist/sculptor since 2009. She has taught at the Summer Art School at Red Deer College, Alberta, Canada and exhibited in numerous sculpture shows. Jen has won many awards and completed several private commissions in Europe and Australia as well as a major public sculpture commission for the Bega Valley Shire Council located in Littleton Gardens in 2016.

Jen enjoys creating site-specific works on any scale, both indoor and outdoor, for your home, business or commercial project. If you are looking to create a focal point or generate conversation and create intrigue, contact Jen to discuss your commission requirements.

Jen with  Aqueous

Jen with Aqueous

“It is a sheer delight to observe how Jen Mallinson’s sculpture has continued to evolve, with an ever-increasing haunting beauty. Her fluid, lyrical shapes invite, indeed seduce the eye to linger, taking deep pleasure in the forms, and contemplating the wondrous mix of natural elements, personal ideas and emotions that inspire Jen’s flow of creativity.

The growing sophistication in Jen’s work is also evident in her meticulous professional skills in the actual making; shaping the metal and introducing new combinations of finishes on outdoor works, including gleaming silver stainless steel against dense black.

I am often reminded of Bronwyn Oliver’s hauntingly beautiful sculptures when I look at Jen Mallinson’s work, which means that Jen is on the special path of being one of our truly talented sculptors.”

Janet Hawley, arts writer

Author of Wendy Whiteley and The Secret Garden.
Joint patron with Philip Cox of Sculpture Bermagui.